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Tonic – Sweating and saliva reducer

PROPERTIES: Astringent, antiseptic, aromatic, unnatural, estrogenic action, sweating and saliva reducer, milk production reducer, tonic, antispasmodic, relaxes peripheral blood vessels, uterine stimulant, antibiotic, lower blood sugar levels, cholagogue.

Salvia tincture is an excellent body tonic. It offers stimulation to the digestive and nervous system. It stimulates digestion, helps with indigestion, sore throat, and menstrual irregularities. It helps reducing heavy sweating on the feet and palms.

Salvia tincture has a mild antimicrobial effect and reduces inflammation in the throat and mouth. It soothes gingivitis, laryngitis and pharyngitis.

DOSE SUGGESTED: 10-20 drops in 100ml of water 3 times a day for up to 4 week. Repeat after a month.

PRECAUTIONS: Do not use it during pregnancy and if you suffer from epilepsy.

Tinctures of medical plants have a supportive effect. They are completely natural and superior of nutritional supplements. They do not contain preservatives or chemicals. They are created by immersing the herb usually in pure alcohol for about 4-6 weeks. During this time the active herd ingredients are dissolved in the alcohol thus giving us a tincture rich in valuable active substances.

CAUTION: Tinctures do not replace prescriptions.