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Relaxing – Calming

PROPERTIES: Relaxing, antispasmodic, circulatory stimulant, nerve system tonic, antibacterial, aphrodisiac, cholagogue, antiseptic.

Known for the calming and soothing action Lavender is combined with other herbs to relieve sleep deprivation, irritability, headaches and migraines. Lavender tincture is even used in depression. It soothes indigestion and colic and relieves gas and bloating.

The sedative effect of Lavender makes it useful in certain type of asthma, especially when they are characterized by excessive nervousness.

DOSE SUGGESTED: For insomnia take 5-10 drops in water at night. For headaches and depression up to 10 drops in water 2 times a day.

PRECAUTIONS: Avoid high doses of herb during pregnancy because it is uterine stimulant.

Tinctures of medical plants have a supportive effect. They are completely natural and superior of nutritional supplements. They do not contain preservatives or chemicals. They are created by immersing the herb usually in pure alcohol for about 4-6 weeks. During this time the active herd ingredients are dissolved in the alcohol thus giving us a tincture rich in valuable active substances.

CAUTION: Tinctures do not replace prescriptions.