Hemorrhoids Beeswax Cream

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Jar 40ml

PROPERTIES: emollient, restructures tissues. Moisturizing, antiseptic.

COMPONENTS: beeswax by a beekeeper, medicinal Vaseline, coconut oil, balsam oil, ficaria, wild boar, pentaneur, calendula, chamomile.

The modern lifestyle, a diet low in fiber, a sedentary life, chronic constipation, a pregnancy, are causes of hemorrhoids. Symptoms range from itching to severe pain and bleeding. In very difficult cases stretch marks can form in the rectum.

Beeswax Hemorrhoids Cream is ideal for those who suffer from hemorrhoidal seizures of rectal stretch marks. It relieves pain, keeps the area hydrated thus helping to avoid bleeding, regenerates the skin and with daily use, gradually contributes to the shrinkage of hemorrhoids.

SUGGESTED USE: Apply topically in the morning, in the evening and after defecation.

PROCOUSIONS: In case of allergy to any ingredient, avoid use.