Calendula Tincture + Ladania Tincture + Balsam Oil

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Beauty springs from within.

Calendula Tincture 50ml for healthy skin

Calendula tincture is a natural cosmetic, it gives radiance to the skin and it is ideal for the treatment of acne, varicose veins, eczema and moles.

Calendula tincture also has excellent results in wound healing, without infecting or collecting pus.

Ladania Tincture 50ml ally of youth

Ladania tincture destroys free radicals and contributes to good skin health and against premature aging.

Balsam Oil 100ml for skin reconstruction

Balsam oil is healing for burns and wounds, accelerates the disappearance of spots of leukorrhea and heard tumors. It has the ability to restructure the skin tissue and eliminate scars and burn marks.