Balsam oil

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PROPERTIES: Laxative, soothing and relieving in lung disorders such as bronchitis, spasmodic cough, asthma and colic, emmenagogue and regulator of menstruation, diuretic in problems of the bladder and urinary system in general, antispasmodic, ideal for hysteria and nervous depression, sedative in melancholy and insomnia, tonic and stimulant for weekend organism in recovery and jaundice, antiphysical suitable for stomach gases and bloating, anthelmintic, helps to eliminate intestinal parasites, digestive, aid in indigestion, antidiarrheal and astringent, anti-inflammatory and healing for burns and wounds, accelerates the disappearance of spots of leucorrhea and hard skin tumors, antiseptic for insect bites, wounds and dysentery, antipyretic and analgesic.

Externally Balsam oil is used in wounds and burns and to relieve cramps and kidney pain. Apply it on small wounds and burns daily. It has the ability to restructure the skin tissue and eliminate scars and burn marks.

Internally it can be used for gastric inflammation and peptic ulcer. It is antiviral, anti-inflammatory and has healing properties that work equally well internal and external to the body.

DOSE SAGGESTED: ½ – 1 teaspoon at night on an empty stomach.

PRECAUSIONS: Long time use can cause diarrhea. It may cause sensitivity to sunlight so when used outdoor do not expose the area to the sun. In some countries it is banned.